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See Pakistan with New Lens

By: Ayaz Morris


In today’s modern and digital age, personal branding and image presentation is very important and significance. Multinational Corporation around the world spends huge sums of money on their soft image and branding. But it’s very more important what you want to tell the world about yourself. This is the real story of how you introduce yourself to others.

It is an important strategy to present oneself to the world but more important is that how countries represent themselves than individuals.

In the time of chaos where political rhetoric, satire and gossip are commonplace. Breaking news and talk shows have not given the minds of the people a chance to think about anything but politics.

Politics is a part of life and not life. It takes a new look and thinking to look at different aspects of life.

This thinking is born out of strong ideas, direct life experiences and expression of human feelings. Recently, I was honored to be a guest on “The Morning Show” of Discover Pakistan TV, a new TV channel that reflects this thinking.

It was a beautiful and pleasant experience. Iqra Haris, the host of The Morning Show, did a great job. The questions were very comprehensive and short so I had ample opportunity to speak. Salman Ahmad, Senior Producer of the Programme met with me before and after show. I was impressed by his ability and sincerity.

He said that Discover Pakistan is giving full coverage to religious minorities in the mainstream media in Pakistan.
There is programme for the Christian Community “Churches of Pakistan” and “Satsri Akal Pakistan Mein” for the Sikh community.

Which are aired weekly, interestingly, the hosts of these programmes also belong to religious minorities. Salam Said, we want to promote religious harmony in Pakistan for which the role of Media is pivotal.

Discover Pakistan TV is a discovery for me. When I got in touch with Dr. Zulfiqar Kazmi on Facebook, my friendship with him quickly turned into a literary and sincere relationship. The relationship between knowledge and soul is selfless anyway because it’s based on sincerity.

One of the reasons for my early association with Dr. Zulfiqar Kazmi is his hometown Sialkot which is the hometown of my ancestors.

Another reason is his work and passion for harmony and tolerance between different religions in Pakistan. Dr. Zulfiqar Kazmi is currently residing in the United States but his heart is burning for Pakistan. He is the President of Discover Pakistan and also an expert in social science, conflict resolution and dialogue.

Discover Pakistan TV, is Pakistan’s First Tourism Satellite TV – launched on 23rd March, 2021 and is on its way to set new trends in the media industry of Pakistan by providing positive information through innovation and service of national Interest by mainstream media. The mission of the TV Channel is to promote Tourism and soft image of Pakistan at home and to a global audience through various satellites, IPTV’s, and digital horizons. Discover Pakistan is ready to partner with all the positive forces with the ambitions to play a vital role in expanding the country’s GDP and Tourism Economy.

In this regard, CEO Dr. Kaiser Rafiq and his team deserve congratulations. Under his leadership this channel is growing rapidly, Bring different and high quality content to influence the thinking and ideas of the new generation.

Of course there are many problems and challenges in Pakistani society for which we have to take concrete and comprehensive steps but we need to highlight the beauty, diversity and positive side of that country and a change of heart is needed to see Pakistan with new lens.

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