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New Malir Housing Authority deprives from basic facilities; Chairman AKRA


The All Karachi Realtors Association has agreed to lease the New Malir Housing Authority, The door of the court will be knocked in the next few days.

Chairman All Karachi Realtors Association(AKRA) and Chairman Madara Kashif Shah visited New Malir Housing Authority yesterday and met Madara members and other real estate agents regarding New Malir Housing Authority  Various issues were discussed.

On the occasion, Chairman Madara and Chairman All Karachi Realtors Association assured the community that they are with the realtors in every difficult hour.

He said that recommendations have been made to Malir Development Authority several times in the past regarding various development works but due to lack of interest of the MDA, New Malir Housing is deprived of basic housing facilities even after 23 years.

Our continuous efforts many houses have been built in New Malir Housing today where there are offices of real estate agents who are playing their full role in the development of this scheme along with legitimate employment for themselves.He further said that a five-member committee has been constituted today .

Senior Vice Chairman Madara Nadeem Zafri, Secretary Karachi Realtors Association Mahmood Raza A large number of regional senior realtors and Madara members attended the meeting .

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