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Transporters protest tantamount to make anti-smuggling operation controversial


Karachi (Staff reporter): Links of transporters’ demonstrations on Northern Bypass and Hub River Road have been linked to make the anti-smuggling activities controversial. Smugglers have used public transporters in the case. It is learnt according to informed sources, on June 6, Mochko police in an anti-smuggling operation, during a search of car number AZ075, recovered about one and a half kilograms of gold and took it into their custody.

Later, Ahmed appeared before Judicial Magistrate West Court No. 13 and claimed that the gold belonged to him but he could not satisfy the court. The court order was confiscated.

During the hearing, the court informed the police that gold was being smuggled to Afghanistan.

Drugs and weapons are bought. The same weapon is used in terrorism, on which the court on June 18 ordered the customs and police to take action against the elements involved in the smuggling.

On 19th June, the Northern Bypass and Hub River Road were blocked by the transporters and the bus terminal administration. At 8 o’clock both the roads were blocked and the traffic was suspended. Tires were burnt on the road and slogans were chanted against the police.

The burning also affected the surrounding population. Later, on the instructions of SSP Kemari District Fida Hussain Januri, a police team led by SP Baldia Captain (retd) Faizan Ali dispersed the protesters through negotiations.

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