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Special training for journalists on reporting on child labor

By: Ayaz Morris



Group Development Pakistan and International Labor Organization (ILO) jointly organized a three-day training on “Child Labor: Ethical and Standard Reporting” at a hotel in Lahore. Journalists from newspapers and TV channels attended the training.

The training provided information on child labor legislation, their rights and digital security. In addition, this capacity-building program aiming to equip media personals, journalists and communication experts with relevant skills and knowledge to report about child labour in a more evidence-based, quality-oriented, child/gender-sensitive, and ethical manner.

Advocate Miqdad Naqvi gave a detailed overview of child labor laws and labor prevention. He introduced child labor in the light of UNICEF, international law and the constitution of Pakistan, its effects on children, light work, age determination of children; He discussed in detail the laws, administrative matters and judicial procedures of child labor in all the provinces. He also shed light on Child Domestic Labor, Constitutional Provisions & International Commitments of Pakistan and

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Children, 1989 which gives the right of survival, development, protection and participation to every child.

Senior journalist and media trainer Aun Sahi briefed the participants on reporting methods, new trends in journalism, various events and experiences. He said that of course digital media has introduced new avenues for journalists but the basis of journalism will remain same,only medium will change. He said that journalists would have to find new ways to talk about issues of public interest while understanding the contradictions of modern times so that they could not ignore the existing small but important issues around them. Often lose out on mainstream media coverage.

Senior journalist Shiraz Hasnat gave a session on story idea, pitch, selection, methodology and practical observations.

Assistant Director FIA Cyber Crime Wing Ms. Rukhsana gave a special presentation on FIA’s procedures, administrative matters and cyber security.

Various practical activities were conducted for the journalists and they were also provided supportive material on this subject.

At the end of the training, journalists from electronic and print media stressed on the need for amending laws, corrective and administrative matters and raising public awareness at the government level.

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