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Daily Ummat workers dues paid on will of Rafiq Afghan


 All the workers of Daily Ummat Newspaper expressed their gratitude to Dr. Nasir Afghan, Director Saima Rafiq Afghan Chief Editor / CEO Daily Ummat Asif Saud. The dues of the workers were paid through the efforts of the Board of Directors as per the will of Deceased Rafiq Afghan .

It should be noted that after the death of Rafiq Afghan, his real brother and director of Ummat Publications Private Limited Nasir Afghan promised for payment of all workers dues as per the will of Late Rafiq Afghan

By the efforts of Director Ummat Nasir Afghan and Director Madam Saima Afghan and CEO Asif Saud, on Friday 17th June, the dues of the workers in the mosque adjacent to the daily Ummat Office were paid in full. Nasir Afghan, Director, Ummat Publications Private limited further said that some people are thinking that I have left Ummat, it was their mistake will Continue work according to the mission of late Rafiq Afghan and in coming days more facilities will be provided to the workers for which the board has made important administrative decisions which will be applicable from today.

However on the occasion Nasir Afghan informed workers that Ummat Digital website has been launched and very soon channel will also be launch in which employment would be given to Ummat workers.

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