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Friends of Hazara staged protest over Blasphemous remarks of Indian leaders


Friends of Hazara (Sangi) under the leadership of Sajjad Sawati Sangi, Zulfiqar Ali Tanoli Sangi, Sohail ur Rehman Awan Sangi, Haji Awal Khan Sangi, Fida Hussain Tanoli Sangi, Khalid Tanoli Sangi including others staged protest at Karachi Press Club against the blasphemous remarks by the leaders of Indian ruling Political Party (Bharatiya Janata Party-BJP).

Holding placards and banners protestors chanted slogans against Indian government and its political leaders, and also strongly condemn the blasphemous statement of BJP Spokesperson Nupur Sharma against the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Moreover they stated that we would not get silent on this continuous joint conspiracy of Israeli Jews and India.

They added that we cannot tolerate insult to the Khatam-un-Nabiyeen Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) in any form.

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