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Role of diversity, youth urged for peace


Collective Pakistan and Aman Zindabad jointly organized a diversity tour aimed to building the narrative of harmony and acceptance. The main emphasis of diversity tour was to provide youth with an insight into different worship places and peace-building techniques so that they could engage in mutual respect, interfaith harmony, acceptance, and tolerance.

While welcoming youth, Collective Pakistan and Aman Zindabad team at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Kashif Anthony said that every positive gesture depends upon our dialogue with self and with each other. Dialogue based on
respect and reconciliation is the most effective at transforming and building peace. Peace is all about understanding each other’s perceptions.

In addition, after visiting Saint Patrick’s Cathedral caravan moved to Temple Solider Bazar, the management of temple and host welcomed participants by showering flower petals. Pandit Vithal Mahraj said that I strongly believe all faiths show the path of love, humanity, and integration. Every person has the right to follow his or her faith but, at the same time, one must learn to regard other religions. No religion says we should hate or fight, but all religions have one strong message and that is love and respect for others.

‘When a Pandit can earn huge respect from an Imam, when a caretaker of temple get love and respect at Imam Bargah, Madrasa or Mosque it is the gesture that should be premiered and broadcasted on every single outlet, those who seeks for such gesture should come forward.’ He added.

Allama Abdul Khalid Fareedi expressed that ‘we welcome you all for visiting this place with diverse group of people, your efforts are incredible for peace building, and we appreciate your initiative of capacity building training.’

‘We want peace and friendly relations with one another based on mutual respect, by
visiting the holy places of one another and sharing briefing can minimize misconception and misinformation.’ Fareedi added.

On the conclusion remarks, Founder of Collective Pakistan Sameer Ali Khan and Aman Zindabad Sanjay Mathrani, shared emphasized that they have also seen how religions and religious, community and social factors can serve as channels for implementing and sharing such knowledge among the faithful for effective peacebuilding in our communities, Karachi needs people like you who knows that how to respect every individual by knowing the difference and similarities.

Haseeb Iqbal, Raj Khatri, Tofique Wassan, Shahroz, Zehra Shellwani, Komal Sharda and Syed Abqurah Shaukat were also shared their feedback and appreciated the efforts that events like the diversity tour were the need of the hour and focusing on youth was the perfect strategy to curb the menace of extremism and intolerance.

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