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KDA Officers Housing Society Allottes staged protest


Aallottees of KDA Officers Housing Society held a protest against non Coopeartion of concerned Authorities for non-implementing the orders of Sindh High Court and allottees land has been occupied by land grabbers despite lapse of 19 years. 


Chairman Action Committee Nadem Sheikh and large number of allottees along with their families staged the protest on their occupied land KDA Officer Co operative Housing Society extension B Block 17, Gulshane Iqbal Karachi on Saturday .

The Action Committee had approached Sindh High Court, which ruled in favour of the plot owners. However, KDA Officers Housing Society Administrator, Naveed Abbassi did not cooperate with alottees and managed to escape when protestors enters in their office on Saturday with the court orders.

Abdul Razak Lal said that we are crossing 70 s and our second generation of original allottees had grown up and yet Society using delaying tacks to vacate our plots.

“We have had enough and now we will utilize all democratic means to get our right.”

KDA Officer Housing Society was established in 1979 and plots were allotted to Grade 17 and above officers . The rightful owners of the plots have been fighting for the possession and construction rights on their plots for 19 years.

Ms. Abida said, “I she served in KDA having BPS 19 , I dreamed of my own home, but I am unable to start construction on my property.”

Another allottee said, “We have long been fighting for our rights. We have been deprived of our properties and living in rented houses.”

The society is span over 6.08 acres of land, while land mafia has also occupied certain pieces of land in the society.

Several allottees are old and their second generation has grown old, but still the rightful owners remain deprived properties. The affectees have appealed to Director General Rangers Sind to take notice of this injustice.

Member of the Board of KDA Officers Housing Society Dr . Ismael Bhutto and Dr.Imtiaz Ahmed Shah said that We did not have the our own force to vacate the land for our allottees we are at the mercy of Concerned authorities who did not cooperate with us, But we have bright hope from Director Anti encroachment Sindh Board of Revenue that he will resolve this issue soon.

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