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Dress for Success and 5P’s of Dressing

By: Ayaz Morris



We all have an innate desire to be successful in life. Then why are some people more successful than others?

The most common prerequisites for becoming successful are education, skillset, training, hard work, experience and positive attitude. They are considered to be the pillars and foundation of achieving success. Let’s say you have all these fundamentals but the chances are that you still may not achieve the optimal success in your professional career. Because you are missing a very important ingredient of achieving success…

In addition to your basic qualifications, your appearance and how you present yourself plays a key role in how fast and how far you will go with your professional career. A lot of people get hurt in their careers because of their poor dressing. But don’t worry! In this Article We have a solution for you.

Believe it or not, we have to accept that people judge us and treat us based on how we look. According to many studies 80% of our communication is nonverbal and 20 % are spoken words. Before we utter a single word out of our mouth in a meeting, we have spoken ALL about us.

In this article We will also help you to use clothing as a marketing tool.

We have to educate and train people about dressing at homes, educational institutions and the corporate sector.

With a good spirit and mission to spread awareness across the country a Pakistani-American citizen returned to his native homeland Pakistan by making “Dress for Success” a national movement.

While working in the USA over the two decades, Hamid Saeed developed a scientific formula of dressing. known as 5 P’s of dressing. Hamid Saeed claims that his formula is a guarantee of success.

Hamid Saeed’s passion to guide and inform the people regarding dressing is remarkable. He is using every medium in this regard. He emphasizes the importance, usefulness and necessity of dress for success in professional life through media.

Hamid Saeed says that clothing is a complete science which can be understood through his scientific formula to make the journey of success in professional life easy and pleasant.

The first P is Pigmentation.

Hamid Saeed says that because nature has created people of different colors in the world, the color of the people of each region is different from each other. The color of English Peoples, eyes, hair and skin are different from ours, so clothing colors should be chosen based on our pigmentation.

Depending on our color, white, black, blue and gray suit us more. Choosing the right colors enhances our skin and our eyes glow, we feel more confident.


Nature has created people of different sizes of bodies.

According to Hamid Saeed, if we dress according to the nature of our body, then our clothes brighten our personality.


Nature has endowed every human being with a different and unique personality. Therefore, every human being is unique in terms of other human personalities. Hamid Saeed says that instead of following trends, fashion and others, you should dress according to personality.


Hamid Saeed says that you should dress according to your position, it has often been observed that many people do not respect their position. Hamid Saeed says that most people’s CV and position is an upgrade, but their wardrobe does not get upgraded.


Hamid Saeed says that if you dress keeping in mind your profession, then your personality becomes the best and you look dignified, confident, trustworthy and successful. You should dress according to your profession.

Hamid Saeed says that if you are a judge then you should look like a judge, if you are a teacher you should look like a teacher. Good dressing opens many doors of success for you.

All I can say about Hamid Saeed is that they don’t focus on people to wear brands, He helps people to become personal brands. Hamid Saeed’s “Don’t design clothes, He designs dreams.”

Choosing clothes is a complete, comprehensive and wide-ranging science that requires an expert like any other field to choose because finding happiness in clothes is an art. For this you need the guidance of an artist and he is in your town to get in touch with him.

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