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Commissioner Karachi Office announced to launch Mega awareness campaign on Tobacco Control


Commissioner Karachi office announced to initiate Mega Awareness Campaign on tobacco control in all over Karachi. 

On the occasion of 31st May, World No Tobacco Day 2022 Additional Commissioner Karachi / Focal Person for tobacco control has announced to initiate Mega Awareness Campaign on tobacco control in all over Karachi specially focusing District East and South with the aim to spread the message of tobacco use hazards among masses.

It was learned that in a mega awareness campaign outdoor media steamers, banners, posters would be fixed and pasted at every public place including bridges, pedestrian bridges, and hoardings etc.

The district administration is taking measures to declare District East and South Karachi a Tobacco Smoke Model districts through the support of Tobacco Smoke Free Cities, Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination (NHSRC).

Commissioner Karachi has showed his commitment towards a tobacco smoke free Karachi by initiating this mega awareness campaign in all over the city.

In the first phase mass awareness campaign, billboards with public health and tobacco control messages shall be displayed on overhead bridges in both East and South district, Roadside moppys will be placed at all major road crossings.

University buses will be displaying tobacco control messages for general awareness of the public.

During the second phase, streamers and banners will be displayed in prominent public places including restaurants, hotels, parks, markets and public service stations/stops.

Art works on the walls of the underpass in the districts shall be created on tobacco control themes.

In the third and final phase, messages on tobacco control and district administration’s efforts for a tobacco free environment will be displayed through Rickshaws, streamers, banners for general awareness.

These efforts shall all be directed towards general public, women and youth from all walks of life.

Also, social media and digital media campaigns by education department and education institutions shall also run on the parallel side to highlight the need and efforts form tobacco free environment and public health challenges from tobacco use.

The Additional Commissioner Karachi introduced the logo of Tobacco Smoke Free Karachi.

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