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Transformation of Tweetizens after Muskizens

By: Rameez Saleem Rajput


On April 25th 2022, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX bought Twitter for 44 billion dollars. The news spread within a few hours across numerous websites and surfaced in every corner of earth. The news also trended #1 on Twitter itself and thousands of people gave their responses to this unexpected announcement. The responses seemed to be head-to-head, some were negative and some were positive. Supposedly, Mr. Elon Musk bought Twitter because it needed “change” and that could only be done if it was a private company.

The rise in Twitter was noticed again as several million people downloaded the app because it was in the hands of Elon Musk now. Twitter stock had fallen by 37% in the last 12 months but after the deal with Musk, it rose by 27.1% just in a few days. Elon’s impact on Twitter has been drastic and extremely positive.

Apparently, Musk wants to make Twitter a less toxic place for people and make it a hate free zone for everyone but as of right now the deal of buying twitter has been put on hold as it was highlighted that almost 20% of Twitter’s users are fake or spam accounts. We can only hope that this deal goes on as it will make Twitter a user-friendly space for everyone to share their views and opinions, knowledge and latest information without being trolled, harassed, bullied, scandalized or exposed to the world in a uncalled for way.

The Tweetizens in Pakistan are no exception to above risks as nowadays the politics of Pakistan is handled more on Twitter in real time and instantly. All campaigns are run by a simple hashtag #, our “brave politicians” write huge paragraphs in one single tweet just accusing each other back and forth. Instead of talking about the situations of Pakistan and working for the betterment, every party runs for political positions of authority and power and tweets about it 24/7.

In the perspective of our politicians this seems to be a confident step but this is just damaging Pakistan’s social and economic state further.

Foreign companies don’t want to work here or take part in any sort of program here because of our fiery behavior on social platforms like Twitter. Socially, Pakistan is just looked as a country brawling over the same issue and making hashtags about it. This is damaging as people or companies stereotype us as making fuss about everything and as a non-cooperative nation which actually, we are not as a whole.

Personally, I believe that Mr. Elon Musk buying Twitter will have a positive effect. Twitter is a toxic and unsafe place currently.

One can’t express their views or talk about anything because people just run over it or talk bad about the person rather than about the story they are trying to place. Musk believes in free speech, disregards anything that might hurt someone’s emotions and hence his “new policies” could make twitter a safer place to express ourselves.

Almost 220 million users are to be found on the app and hardly any of them carry out a positive message and the rest are occupied in debates and fights with other users.

Musk’s hand on Twitter will lead it to a better community and take it to new heights. It is hoped that Tweetizens of Pakistan will follow new policy regime of Mr. Elon Musk and make platform of Tweet as a problem-solving space rather than aggravating already strong fault lines in Pakistan’s feeble social and economic framework. And by the way this is also true for USA after Donald Trump and India under Mr. Modi.

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