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Still no dearth of professional hockey players if resources are provided, Rahmatullah Sheikh


Administrator DMC East Rahmatullah Sheikh has said that Karachi is a city of sports enthusiasts and sportspersons of all kinds, even today there is a talent of some sports found in the streets of karachi which have to be provided with resources along with setting up grounds to produce it, Karachi Hockey Association has established a good tradition by organizing hockey tournaments.

He expressed these views During the distribution of prizes to the best performing players in the Chief of army Staff InterClub District Hockey Championship 2022.
He further said that the services of Karachi Hockey Association are commendable for the betterment of hockey.

Karachi Hockey Association is playing its role in restoring the past of hockey.

He said that due to the excellent past of the national game, it is hoped that the talent of hockey will be raise if Other institutions including local bodies, will play their part for this.

There is still no dearth of professional hockey players, hockey talent is not coming up due to lack of resources while this talent is available in the streets of karachi, this decline can be met by increasing the number of astroturf hockey grounds while sports lovers will have to come out and encourage talent, he added.

On this occasion Olympian Haneef Khan said that he is working to brighten the future of hockey, administrator dmc east Rahmatullah Sheikh is doing commendable work for the betterment of sports.

Such officers like him encourage sports talent, there are best astroturf grounds in the east district to create hockey talent which is being availed of.

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