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Poultry Science

By: Yusra Kanwal

The article starts from people attitude towards the field poultry science that if the student told someone that he/she is studying poultry science people ask him that if he/she will sell eggs after studying this field.
We had to aware the people especially our youth that if someone is studying poultry, selling eggs are not just an option for them.
Instead of that people at an ordinary shops were also selling eggs without studying poultry science or without having its degree.
It is basically a study of domestic fowls including geese, turkeys, chickens, partridges, ducks. While Cows, Buffaloes, Goat, Sheep’s, these are not included in poultry science and they are ruminants while poultry includes non ruminants.
While, the poultry industry has now become the 2nd largest industry in Pakistan providing employment to over 1.5 million people. Pakistan is 11th largest poultry producer in the world with the production of 1.02 billion broilers, 48.83 million layers and 11.8 million breeding stock annually. The current investment in poultry industry is over 750 billion.
In poultry science we study the courses related to nutrition in animal, genetics, history of poultry, and its present and future, diseases related to poultry their cure and preventions, study practices and principles in production, breeding, growth, end product, management and marketing.
After studying poultry science, students could setup their own business and provide job facilities to others, and if they wants a jobs, they have opportunities related to hatchery farm, breeder farm, layer farm, Broiler farm, and for making vaccines, at veterinary clinics, they are also eligible for jobs in companies like: K&Ns, McDonalds, Sabroso, Menu etc.
While poultry science is an interesting field and at the end its a suggestion, don’t go through what people wants, just do for what you have an interest.

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