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H&S launches Dedicated Real Estate Initiative for Lahore’s Residents


H&S the No. 1 real estate company of Dubai has launched its recent project that is a one of a kind master piece of architecture and high rise luxury structure. The 21 story, Autograph is set to become the new landmark of Lahore.

With a design that reflects perfection and elegance DHA 5, Lahore is going to be home to the spectacular site of the building with the bustling Maple road on the other side.

The architecture is based on the Dubai high rise luxury building layout with an interior that in contrast is classical and gives a glimpse of the Gothic and Renaissance era, carefully wrapped into the overall modern structure of a high rise residential complex.

More to add to the commercial viability of its location, Autograph will be surrounded by places such as Dolman Mall, Askari 11 and DHA M Block.

Autograph is surely not an ordinary place, but a site of magnificence which exudes elitism with utter sincerity. Imagine a colossal landmark in the middle of DHA Lahore which is occupied by residents.

That is like putting a human face to the modern progress driven spirit of Lahore.

Autograph will prove to be a portrait of an undying resolve to experiment and bring the best to the table by an experienced company having international experience and vast vision. The city’s skyline will have a new rooftop to tower overhead. It will surely glimmer with pride and will be visible from miles away during the night.

Smart living is also a new beginning that Autograph will bring into the lives of Pakistani residents. The 357 luxury units will have happy residents that will be served and pampered by this ultimate technological feature of Autograph. You will not feel away from your bedroom’s comfort at any place within the 21 floors.

Last but not least, your kids will love being in Autograph since this place will have a kid’s area especially dedicated as fun land. That doesn’t mean elders will be forgotten. You will have the chance to rest your weary head inside the infinity pool or you can go over to the sauna for a hot steaming shower.

What differs Autograph are the amazing sky mansions which will be located at the 20th and 21st floors. They are surely, the real highlight of the building as the residents in sky mansions will have their own dedicated lifts as well as private butler.

Now that’s just an entirely different life and class for one to have, isn’t it?

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