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Information about CSS in Pakistan

By: Aqeel Khoso


Historical Background:

Pakistan, a country that has experienced different governance systems (parliamentary versus presidential), has endured decades of martial law, and has experimented with various administrative reforms, is an intriguing state. For more than nine decades, the subcontinent had been under direct British rule. History revealed that the British government replicated the structure of bureaucracy of their homeland in the subcontinent. With the birth of Pakistan in 1947, all the officers who decided to come to Pakistan formed the initial Civil Services of Pakistan (CSP). Thus Pakistan had its own Central Superior Services (CSS).

In the year 1971, CSP was reframed under Article 240 of the constitution which made it a constitutional body. The CSP has played its role since then and remains the sine qua non for the structure of the state.

Structure of the CSS in Pakistan.
The Central Superior Services (CSS) recruit the ideal candidates through a structured procedure and a series of theoretical, physiological, mental and communicative assessments by experts and experienced professionals. The allocation is federal and hence feasible for all the candidates competing for the respective posts.

The Scope.
The job in the CSS is permanent and comes with many perks. The officers exercise many powers and get plenty of privileges like housing, transport, house helps and easy access to almost all the facilities of life. After passing the written exam and clearing all the interviews and psychological assessments, the qualifiers are appointed as 17th-grade officers and promoted to grade 18 after a service of almost five years.

After serving for seven years in the 18th grade, the officer is promoted to grade 19. Grade 20 requires necessary training at the National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) located in Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore, and Quetta. Another five-month training is mandatory to be promoted to grade 21, which is conducted at the Administrative Staff College, Lahore. The 22nd is the last grade to which an officer can be promoted.

Why CSS?
The CSS is an elite cadre owing to its federal nature. The CSP is a great opportunity for developing specialized skills and improving decision-making and leadership qualities. The facilities of government residency, job security, handsome salary, medical allowances, protocol and powers, transport, security team with an ensured lifetime pension and retirement benefits make the job very attractive for aspirants.


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