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Letter to the Editor

By: Zehara Sultana



Through your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards unavailability of public school in the vicinity of Raees goth, Murad Kalmati goth and al-jannat city.

To resolve this unavailability of education Iqbal Academy of Educational Excellence provides free quality education to orphans and low fee structure for labors child without any government or NGO aid.

Now we at Iqbal Academy facing financial crises due to increase in strength of students but, no financial resources increase.

As this area is underdeveloped and poverty is the main reason 1000+ students still are without education this directly causing their future lives and trouble getting ahead in life.

In short, this problem has greatly affected the development of the country.

Therefore, request the competent authorities to solve this problem immediately in the best interest of the society and country.

Your truly,
Zehara Sultana
Iqbal academy of Educational Excellence

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