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Saraiki community stages a silent protest against water crisis in Cholistan


The Saraiki youth and women in Karachi staged a silent protest on the appeal of Saraiki Professionals in Karachi against the deepening water crisis in Cholistan, a desert area of waseb Bahawalpur division due to closure of canals for four months.

These closed canals provide water to cholistan area for drinking and other purposes.

Due to this crisis, thousands of animals expired in thirst while human lives are also on collapse. Humans are in search for water to drink even.

Saraiki youth, women, journalists and nationalist leaders from various walks of life joined the protest at the metropole roundabout in Karachi cantt area.

Participants held placards and banners against the water blockade in Cholistan.

The protestors said that the canals supplying water to Cholistan including Head Farid 1-l, 7-R, and others have been closed for the last four months while these canals used to run all year round. Due to illegal closure of these canals from Head Qasimwala, thousands of cattle have died of thirst in Cholistan and people are starving.

The protestors demanded that the Punjab government should immediately open these canals rather doing cosmetic work of providing water tankers otherwise there is a danger of human tragedy.

They appealed to the ruling circles including Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister to take immediate action. The protesters also demanded the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto notice of the situation in Cholistan.

Chairperson Saraiki Women’s Association Karam Akhtar, Seema Ikram, Rukhsana Mohsin, journalists and anchorperson Akhtar Shaheen Rand, Abid Lodhi, Abbas Shah, senior leader Al Jatoi Baloch Welfare Association Pakistan Aqeel Mukhtiar Jatoi, Saraiki nationalists Anwar Bhatta, Makhdoom Ali Akbar Shah, Kiran Lashari, Mohsin Jatoi, Malik Akhtar, social worker Mir Tanveer Wagan, Advocate Shehzad Khan Gul, Waris Jatoi, Zafar Iqbal Gopang, Jam Irshad Lar, Arshad Khan Gopang, Patricia Shad and others were also present.

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