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PPP activists all set to warmly welcome Bilawal at Karachi Airport



The activists of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) belonging to Karachi are all set to give warm reception on the arrival of the PPP Chairman and Foreign Minister, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, in the city at the Old Terminal of Karachi Airport on Sunday .

Speaking at a press conference here on Saturday, Sindh Labour and Human Resource Minister Saeed Ghani said that a public meeting would be held at the Old Terminal of Karachi Airport after receiving the PPP Chairman at 5 pm on Sunday. Bilawal would address the public meeting. 

Ghani, who is also PPP Karachi Division President, mentioned that workers of the PPP in the city had the desire to give a warm welcome to the PPP Chairman after the successful culmination of his movement to send packing an incompetent and selected prime minister.

He said that earlier the dates of April 22, 23, and 24 had been announced for the purpose but the reception for Bilawal Bhutto Zardari couldn’t be held due to unavoidable circumstances.

Ghani told media persons that no seating arrangement had been made for the participants of the reception at the Old Terminal but he hoped that a large number of people would gather at the venue to welcome the PPP Chairman.

He said the PPP Karachi Division, the party’s chapters in all districts of the city, and its subsidiary bodies had completed their preparations for the reception.
He said the PPP had made special arrangements to protect the health of the workers and supporters of the party against phenomenally warm weather.

He said that special stalls would be set up to provide drinking water at the venue while the People’s Doctors’ Forum would arrange doctors, para-medical staff, and ambulances for emergency medical attention to any ailing participant of the welcome rally.

He said the PPP had established reception camps at a number of places in the city to welcome Bilawal.

He said that PPP’s workers would bring out rallies from 42 different spots of Karachi and assemble at the Old Terminal for the reception.
Ghani said that recent statements of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman, Imran Khan, at his public meetings had endangered the national economy and threatened the survival of Pakistan.

He said that the former prime minister had been attempting that a civil war-like situation would emerge in Pakistan.

He said the former PM had been provoking people to commit violence against his political opponents.

He said though Imran Khan had been defeated in the no-confidence motion through a democratic process he (former PM) had maintained that his ouster had been made possible through a battle between good and evil.

The Sindh Labour Minister said the PTI Chairman had started issuing statements against the country out of his sheer fascist and anarchist tendencies.

He said that recent speeches by the PTI Chairman had proved that Imran Khan had been acting upon a self-serving agenda that could ruin the country and its economy.

He said that Imran Khan had termed the establishment, judiciary, and other national institutions traitors, anti-state, and American agendas, after all these entities, had opted to work within the domain of the Constitution.
He said Imran Khan wanted the establishment, judiciary, and the election commission should support the former PM in complete disregard of the Constitution.

The Sindh Labour Minister mentioned that at present Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was empowered to make the decision about the next general elections while when Imran Khan had possessed the same authority in the past he (Imran Khan) had used to say that new polls would be held in 2023 after the assemblies would complete their five-year term.

He said the present government after completing the process of constitutional process and adopting related laws would consult all the concerned political parties to make the decision to hold the next general elections.

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