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Mega enforcement campaign for making Smoke Free Karachi started in Karachi


On the directives of Commissioner Karachi the district government east and south have started mega enforcement campaign to ensure compliance on tobacco control laws specially on section 5 of smoke free public places, section 7 regarding prohibition of TAPS, section 8 of no sale of cigarette to under 18 age and no sale of loose cigarettes , Section 9 of no sale or use of tobacco products around 50 meters of educational institutions and section 10 of no smoking signage at every public place including hotels , offices , educational institutions, parks and others, for compliance of said sections the district government have fined to more than 50 shopkeepers in its violation. 

Tobacco Smoke Free Cities (TSFC) Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination (NHSR&C) Government of Pakistan has initiated its operation initially in district east and south Karachi from March 2020 after the meeting of stakeholders at commissioner Karachi office under the chair of the then Commissioner Karachi, who has also inaugurated the Smoke Free Pakistan Application on the same day which now replicated in all over country to report violations.

In first phase District Implementation Committees and Task forces notified by the deputy commissioner office east and south Karachi after which the departments including police , education, DMC’s, Health etc have nominated focal persons and master trainers for tobacco smoke free districts .

TSFC with the collaboration of deputy commissioner offices arranged joint Training of Trainers for Focal Persons and Master trainers and after that the departmental level Training of Trainers and Cascade trainings are still ongoing.

TSFC has engaged Police, Traffic Police, Education Department , Health Department and District Municipal Corporations to ensure 100% compliance on tobacco control laws by the joint efforts of all district departments .

TSFC in collaboration with traffic police is running Tobacco Smoke free PSVs campaign and with the collaboration of Sindh Food Authority the smoke free food outlets campaign is also ongoing.

From the 1st week of May 2022 the District Government has now initiated mega enforcement campaigns of tobacco control laws, in result in first week more than 50 shopkeepers have been fined and 5 have been arrested in violation of tobacco control laws.

The Commissioner Karachi Office and Deputy Commissioner Offices are showing their full commitment to make Karachi a tobacco smoke free model city through strict compliance on tobacco control laws.

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