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Faiq urges world powers to play a role toward regional peace


Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) Muhammad Faiq Shah has urged the world power, including U.N, US, China and regional countries to take pragmatic steps to avert the prevailing serious threats to regional peace, owing to which security situation has becoming fragile, calling it as a new conspiracy of anti-state elements and enemies.

Shah stressed that peace is imperative for bringing sustainable progress and development, especially in war-torn Afghanistan. He noted serious threats are being posed to regional peace under prevailing scenarios.

Faiq in a statement issued here on Saturday described the yesterday’s attack on Kabul’s mosque and before that attack on worshippers in Kundus wasn’t act of a Muslim.

This is a highly painful and regrettable act, he added.

Shah urged the U.N, US, China and regional countries to play a role toward bringing stability in the whole region.

These fire flames are instantly spoiling peace, he noted

The ATP chairman emphasized that it is imperative to frame concrete policies and bring political stability in the country.

The war-ravaged Afghanistan had been left in lurch and alone which is a huge human catastrophe, Shah opined.

Now, he maintained the present conspiracies against peace are actions of anti-state elements and enemies.

An organised strategy is essential to counter these conspiracies against the motherland and to be dealt with iron hands, he stressed.

Shah observed the cold-war is heading toward full-fledged hot battle, saying that it is crucial to be escaped from this war.

For this purpose, he added, it is imperative to stability among all institutions and national unity under present circumstances.

He urged the US to fulfill her responsibility toward bringing peace and stability.

This is not time for fighting war, in fact it is for the survival of humanity, ejecting the whole world from poverty, hunger and starvation, he stressed.

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