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Citizens staged sit-in against Provincial Minister Imtiaz Sheikh at New Saeedabad Bypass


Citizens staged sit-in Protest against Provincial Minister Imtiaz Sheikh at New Saeedabad bypass for registering of fake murder case against 18 people and murder, attack on them. 

The sit-in was organized by the Jamali community, protestors chanted slogans against Imtiaz Sheikh and they claimed that Police is teasing us on his advice. 

Moreover, protestors stated that, Imtiaz Sheikh front man Sohail Jamali files false murder case against 18 people. 

They said that, We have 10,000 vote, we joined PPP at the request of Makhdoom Sahib ,is Imtiaz Sheikh punishing us for joining PPP ? 

However, protestors claimed that, Imtiaz Sheikh’s front man Sohail Jamali is extortionist land grabber and has occupied public, private lands. 

A protestor informed that, On April 28, at the request of Sohail Jamali, armed men tried to kidnap laborer Jafar Jamali in Bakhar Jamali, during which Jafar Jamali’s uncle Mir Jamali injured and Shahjahan Jamali killed. 

Protestor revealed that, On Imtiaz Sheikh’s request, police refused to register a case of assault and registered a case of murder against our people. 

Whereas, they said ,Imtiaz wants to make Matiari a police and dacoit state like Shikarpur.  

They demanded that, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Sindh Chief Minister should take notice of this false murder case and case should be registered against murderers. 

Later, The Sit-in was ended after negotiation with leader of Jamali Community Ashfaq Jamali in which police assured for registering of FIR against those who involve in attack on their community members.

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