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Sharjeel Memon appeals Federal Govt to take notice of acute water shortage in Sindh 



Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon has appealed federal government to take notice of acute water shortage in Sindh province as it reached to alarming level.

He added that even people of province were facing severe shortage of drinking water. In a statement on Thursday, the Provincial minister urged federal government to ensure judicious distribution of water among the federating units according to 1991 water accord.

The Minister added that growers and farmers were protesting as production of crops and orchards were severally affected due to shortage of water and farmers were unable to bear the expenditures of fertilizers and other inputs.

The provincial minister said that Sindh has an important role in the agricultural economy of the country, The country’s economy is already facing challenges, if scarcity of water persist , economic challenges of country could worsen.

The provincial minister appealed to the federal government to ensure water releases to Sindh under the 1991 agreement and due to depletion of water reserves in the country, the shortage should be distributed among the provinces under 91 water formula.

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