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Hope Revival an online platform for psychological help


Mental health as a stigma in our society still prevailing and many of us still struggling in this domain. In Pakistan, people who seek mental help still face lot of stigmatizations, which is a repercussion of lack of awareness regarding psychological issues.

These days we are observing that the rate of divorce is rising due to lack of patience and understanding each other’s mental health. There are number of reasons that why divorce is happening frequently, in which few are as following. No Conflict resolution skills, No communication or a gap between couples ,Infidelity due to no spark in marriages and Work related stress .

For these reasons, people do not even know about marital counseling and there is no concept of pre-marital counseling in our country. The belief system we are carrying within ourselves are baseless and irrational, which focuses on illogical terms and conditions.

In schools, there is an acute shortage of Educational Psychologists or Student Counselors which is creating a gap in education and mental health. Why it is still a stigma? Because on a basic level, we do not encourage mental wellbeing in schools and our children are still unaware of mental and emotional health problems. They suffer from behavioral problems, yet they are ignorant of the management.

Due to this reason, 3 years back as a Mental Health Practitioner, Hina Fatima created an online platform for psychological help and services in order to add value to the society as a citizen. This Platform is on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, where, as a Mental Health Counselor, she is providing her services. The name of the platform is known as “HOPE REVIVAL”, it’s a private group for females only and the page is for everyone.

She has done MS in Clinical Psychology – completed a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) course (USA) and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy course (REBT) from UK in order to help those who need Personal Development and belief reprogramming. Moreover, she also have other certifications  i.e., EFT & TFT (Emotional Freedom Technique and Thought Field Therapy), Emotional health & Wellbeing Coach Accredited certificate (IPHM), Grief & bereavement Counseling, Relationship Counseling Practitioner course and SEO (search engine optimization) certificate.

She initiated, an E-counseling Services Platform for those who need a safe place to discuss their Psychological Problems and need Expert Advice for their Life Problems.

Recently, She has introduced a segment name as “E-TALK” where her other panelists are responding queries LIVE weekly, so instead of taking random advice, her members can take proper professional advice on my forum.

This platform also provides Psychological Dream Interpretations and providing a WhatsApp direct feature on the page where clients can directly connect to her . The mission of Hope Revival is to prioritize Mental Health and to raise awareness among people who are deficient of the knowledge associated with mental well-being. One more project of Hope Revival is to provide Emotional Support and Legal Support to Single Mothers, sometimes financial advice. She and her team’s mission is, to make the platform accessible to those who are unaware of their mental issues and need help.

Hina Fatima-PsychologistHina Fatima - Psychologist

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