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Development works were carried out without discrimination during the reign of Rahmatullah Sheikh


The record development work carried out by Administrator DMC East Rahmatullah Sheikh in district east without discrimination, some elements unnecessarily criticizing them and trying to disturb him via unnecessary obligation which are totally wrong and baseless, whereas in practice in dmc east there is a development works are continue.

Rahmatullah Sheikh tried wherever he performed his duties to speed up the development work so that he behaved in such a way that the resources that he had could reach the people of every area and the same thing has happened in DMC East.

But those with personal benefits He is not ready to be happy with the process in any way because he does not like the performance of Rahmatullah Sheikh due to personal obstinacy and wants him to be disturbed somehow through a war of words.

While the administrator dmc east Rahmatullah Sheikh committed and is trying to speed up development work by increasing own resources incomes in dmc east.

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