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SITE Association shifts to Green Energy



Taking a step towards green energy, SITE Association of Industry has installed a 50 KW solar system on the rooftop of its office and has shifted to it on a self-help basis. The purpose of the solar system is to provide a better & healthy atmosphere as well as to cut down the energy bill of the Association.

In a statement, President SITE Association Abdul Rasheed said that it is an on-grid solar system which will cut down the energy bill of the Association to a great extent after award of Net Metering License. He added that since sunlight is available in Karachi in abundance, the industrialists of the area can save billions of rupees annually by using solar energy in place of conventional energy.

He informed that for the purpose of installation of the solar system, quotations were invited from renowned solar companies. An Energy Consultant was appointed with mutual consent and under the technical guidance of the Consultant, the project was completed on priority basis.

“Apart from cuts in the energy bill of the Association, some income is also expected after award of Net Metering License”, he added.

Abdul Rasheed appealed to the business & industrialist community and corporate sector to make use of abundance of sunlight by switching over to solar energy.

He added that this will not only help in reducing cost of production but the industries will also be able to compete in the domestic and international markets

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