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OPS Officers should be removed from departments; Watan Parast Officers Association PSP


Incharge and Member Watan Parast Officers Association (Pakistan) PSP, held an important meeting with Nadeem Khan incharge Labour Federation Pak-Sarzameen Party (PSP) today at Karachi Development Authority Civic Center.

At the same time, various suggestions and demands were put forward by the Watan Parast Officers Association, KDA is currently facing a severe financial crisis, the Director General KDA suggested that shops should be rented as per KDA rules Whoever monitors the recovery of KDA, with this simple step KDA will start showing positive results from next month, which will enable timely payment of salaries of employees and officers.

However, KWSB, which was part of the KDA, is also facing political pressure from its officials, and a strange chaos and turmoil following the recent decisions of the Departmental Promotion Committee.

The issuance of posting letters of officers is very worrying, The work is being done which is tantamount to jealousy of the writ of the institution and the silence of the fellow officers is an argument against the crime .

At last , Watan Parast Officers Association demanded from the Sindh government that, In all local bodies, provincial and federal bodies, including KDA, Water Board, OPS officers should be immediately removed and the officers of the institution should be appointed and These officers should be appointed in place of OPS officers.

The Watan Parast Officers Association PSP is keeping a close eye on all these irregularities in the coming days will publicize both the names and the work of the officers – with the legitimate demands of the officers and their protection with the employees and of any kind.

At the end of the meeting participants thanked Nadeem Khan, Incharge of Labour Federation PSP who took his precious time to attend the meeting.

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