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Faiq urges ECP to expedite process of delimitations and reforms to pave way for impartial, fair elections



Chairman, Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) Muhammad Faiq Shah has urged the Election Commission of Pakistan to expedite delimitations and reforms process in order to pave way for holding impartial and fair elections in country.

Similarly, he emphasized the ‘Lettergate’ scam should be probed through formation of judicial commission under supervision of chief justice of Pakistan in order to avoid creating anarchy in the country.

Giving reference to yesterday’s meeting of the National Security Committee, chaired by Prime Minister Shehhaz Sharif that was also attended by all services chiefs, Faiq said the NSC had issued a communiqué after the meeting, so he asked everyone should agree on NSC notification.

Despite the taking a clear stance by NSC after releasing a comprehensive notification, if someone would have continuous doubts in their minds then they should approach the apex court, and make an appeal to Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Pakistan to form a judicial commission to conduct a complete probe and bring truth before the masses.

Shah while talking to reporters here on Saturday asked well-informed and knowledgeable people to make decisions on their own.

The party leader called upon the politicians to learn lessons from the world and their serious mistakes.

Narrating the significance of institutions’ role and their image toward political stability, peace and harmony, the ATP chief stressed that institutions’ image and their sacrifices cannot be ignored.

Institutions are important for national security as compared to personalities, the ATP chief said, asking to avoid making the role of prime institutions controversial.

Emphasized that it is imperative to make legislation in parliament instead of playing the role of opposition by staging power-show and political rallies on roads.

Noticing that people are plunged in deep confusion and differences owing to division after division, which isn’t right for the country, Shah said unstable situations have been overwhelming in Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Sudan to avoid creating such a situation in Pakistan.

He warned national unity would be dismantled if anarchy would come to the country.

He made it clear if there would continue attempts to rescue personalities by putting country’s on stake so nothing can be survived.

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