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Education is the Key to Success

By: Faiza choudhary



Education is the secret to success nowadays the education has great importance throughout our communities, cities, and countries because without education life is like you’re living but without oxygen, so we can say that education is passion.

There are many people are went in the past who have a great role in education. Whereas they belong to middle-class families and due to education they achieved much success in their careers.

Our Pakistan is also famous for these educationalists. The woman has also contributed a great role to the development of education in Pakistan like begum Jahan ara batool , begum Jahan ara shahnawaz, professor anita ghulam ali and many more, these are the legendary woman that they described the importance of education in the many round tables conferences. They also explain that education is very important for every woman in Pakistan.

Education is the way to fulfill your all dreams to become a perfect person in life. Education is the first step that leads you to spend your life properly with discipline. Because of education, we are living in this modern generation with full comforts. Education teaches us to make difference between the right and the wrong ways.

Because of education, the people are living their life with full of happiness and achievement. Not only that education is like a deep ocean of wonders in this ocean the only person that survives is they have signs or rays of learning and achievement in their heart.

When the people were unaware of the education in that era they have no sense of humanity in their minds and they had complements of their generation or life. After that because of education they know that life is not just for a living actually it is for achieving or being perfect all words or thinking directly come from education in the form of blessings so we should have to remember that without education we are nothing therefore we can say that Education is the key to success.

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