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Faiq calls for bringing comprehensive reforms in the election commission


Chairman Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) Muhammad Faiq Shah has stated ruling parties had remained in power for the four decades but they had failed to provide justice to people. 

He added democracy has been altered into personality, inherited and family based politics.

Faiq maintained whatever happened in Punjab Assembly was consequential to this politics.

He made it clear that real democracy cannot come until moving forward of competent and ordinary people.

He viewed it is absolutely necessary for the father to become Prime Minister and his son become Chief Minister. He added that people’s authority should be ensured instead of a family monarch.

Shah while talking to reporters here on Sunday noted the democracy has been detained in inherited politics by using pressure, power and wealth.

“We have come out to ensure liberty and eliminate nepotism and politics based in inherited,”

He asked; “Isn’t justice institutions taking the initiative to ensure public authority”?

Faiq said the constitution is a protector of democracy and people.

However, he said democracy has been violated on the basis of laws of their own choice and interests.

The ATP chairman said the past of everyone has a testament.

He questioned: “There wasn’t any other worker in PML-N or leader of another party, which will become Chief Minister of Punjab?

He also asked: “This isn’t Monarch?

He emphasized that people and workers should think about it.

Shah called for bringing reforms in the election commission to give every district for high office and create equality in development.

He demanded a ban on ‘Lottacracy’ and independent candidates which were contesting elections without any manifesto.

The ATP chief noted independent candidates have made only through floor crossing and blackmailing and have sold themselves for wealth.

Faiq stressed that democracy is the first step in political parties. He warned if true democracy cannot bring that would continue to create a great unrest among the masses.

He recalled that his party is carrying out a vigorous movement against elimination of politics based on inherited/ personality, which would be sustained.

He expressed the hope that they will soon meet their destination.

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