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International Day of Peasants’ Struggle: Sindh pursued anti-peasant policy in 2021

By: Pawan Kumar


2021 did not bring any significant legal or policy improvements directly affecting peasants, said that statement issued by the Hari Welfare Association (HWA) on the occasion of international day of peasants’ struggle.

Akram Khaskheli President HWA said that instead, the Government of Sindh (GoS) filed a plea in the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) challenging a landmark ruling by the Sindh High Court (SHC) that threw down regressive revisions to the the Sindh Tenancy Act and addressed bonded labour practises in Sindh.

Despite the fact that the case was filed in January 2020, then the Sindh Agriculture Minister Ismail Rahu vowed and confirmed that his administration would not pursue an appeal in the SCP against this historic, pro-peasant judgement.

The GoS, on the other hand, continued to pursue the case in the SCP in 2021. The HWA received a copy of the plea filed by the GoS that categorically reveals the GoS has no concerns for the human rights of peasants and rural workers in Sindh; rather, it is pursuing the anti-peasant rights policies and the repressive feudal system and structure.

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