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Has the Dark times of Politics in Pakistan end?

By: Maham


Social media; as reflects in its name provides a platform to users to socialize. In Pakistani society it is widely seen as a source of entertainment among masses where People like to share updates from their daily routine and personal experiences to their opinion on public issues.

In many instances social media has proved to be a game changer platform where people assembled to express their anger on certain issues/incidents and grabbed the attention of authorities by demanding action against injustice.

Lately in Pakistan social media has turned into a mere battleground for trolls, bullies and political fanatics.

Since 2013 Elections, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf utilized it’s all resources to build a favorable narrative among the masses by hook or crook from building a soft corner for their party and leader to running unlimited negative propaganda against other parties.

These last 9 years have been nothing less than chaos in the political environment of Pakistan.

Where everyone was hopeful for the democracy to prevail and strengthen PTI seeded the new generation of a new kind of dictatorship which led to sanctions on the doors of their supporter’s brains by their strongest propaganda where anyone who has a difference of opinion is either corrupt or sold out.

By now there is no profession who doesn’t have their own kind of popular malicious title for them. If a journalist reports something against the ruling party they are “Lifafa Sahafi” but dare you are a women journalist then you’ll be considered a seller of a lot more than just your intellectual, a politician belonging to Any other political party is a “traitor” even if they left PTI just an hour ago, same happened when opposition decided to move the motion of no confidence and another card was shown as foreign conspiracy to remove the most patriotic PM from his seat.

Another smear campaign was witnessed across social media means where honorable supreme court’s role was questioned for simply defending the constitution in a national crisis.

People who don’t even have knowledge on how a PM is elected were seen badmouthing national institutions for something they had nothing to do with.

PTI in its 4 years’ tenure and its pre government era has turned the majority of citizens into a mob ready to attack anyone who says anything against their political party or any of their political view.

The incidents of practical mob lynching increased during the rule of PTI in KPK to Pakistan as whole as well. Starting from Mashal Khan to the latest incident which gathered the attention of international media was a Srilankan citizen Prantha Kumar, many incidents happened before and after that but the Government did nothing to combat it and how can it when they seeded it in the masses as a road to their victory in 2018 election by using religion card to criminalize the opponents.

With PTI rule ending, many assume that the dark night has passed but little do they know it has just started, and the nation will be reaping the seeds of Religious and political fascism PTI has sown, for decades to come.

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