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New Inventions Cause Mental Disorders

By: Dr. Shazia Shahab Shaikh



We are living in a time called the age of technology. The peculiarity of this age is that the whole world is engulfed in the tips of human fingers.

New inventions are the hallmark of this modern age. This is the world of the speed of development. Man has succeeded in discovering the secrets not only of his life, the universe but also the galaxies. In spite of such speed, the human mind is in a state of chaos.

However, the scope of research on physical health is expanding. But over-awareness, known as the Hub of knowledge or as a result of the world of destruction, mental confusion is reaching its limits. Therefore, in this age of modernity, overcoming mental confusion and mental weakness has become very important.

The COVID-19 epidemic is slowly receding, but, the world is still influencing from this fear. Praise to God, Pakistan has not been affected by this dangerous epidemic, but, a threat is still looming.

Sometimes the increase in the number of cases focuses on the fact that we have to take all precautionary measures in this regard. As a result of the extraordinary situation that has arisen due to Corona all over the world, where the economic crisis has arisen, millions of people have also fallen victim to emotional, mental crisis and are continuing to do so.

Lockdown strategies have proven to be very effective in protecting the world from this epidemic. But social isolation and isolation led to an increase in the number of people with mental retardation.

In 2001, World Health Organization reported that 450 millions of people worldwide suffer from mental illness. And one out of four people suffers from a mental illness at certain point in their lives.

According to the report of World Health Organization 2008 that one person commits suicide every 5 seconds and this number reaches 800,000 annually in the worldwide more than those who died in war or in accidents.

A part from this suicide is another major cause of death among young people. According to a survey, suicidal tendencies are more rampant in the age group of 15 to 29 years. And that rate is higher in developing countries.

World Economic Forum has depicted in 2018 that about 1 trillion will be lost between 2010 to 2030, due to mental illness alone.

In view of this situation, all the global health organizations give priority to mental health and are implementing the action plan, which they call Greater Investment in their documents.

We all understand that only a mental healthy nation can achieve these goals by moving on the path of development. Therefore, the said theme has been launched for the purpose of taking steps together to help prevent mental disorders, including suicide.

World Health Organization reveals that one out of 13 people worldwide suffer from anxiety. About two decades ago, there was a lack of awareness about the disease. If a person suffers from anxiety then it is not only hidden from the people but also it is considered bad to bring him to the doctor.

However, in this modern age, every special and common person is aware of this disease.

Anxiety is a condition in which there is unexplained anxiety, fear, panic, anxiety and constant anxiety.

The bigger symptom of this disease is the communication gap despite being socially active. That’s why, we see the most trained, balanced person suffer in anxiety and depression. In medical language it is called Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). The severity of which can be manifested in the form of fear of death as a result of any incident, and, sometimes the intensity goes down. The disease is manifested in some people in the form of social anxiety.

Such people avoid to meet new people. Physical symptoms, in such a person, include lack of attention, too much or too little sleep, nausea, and dizziness, shortness of breath, physical fatigue and rapid pulse are included.

In contrast, the symptoms of depression include circumstances, events, and frustration with the future. People with depression often find themselves in a dilemma. And that frustration can often lead to suicide. Symptoms of depression include loss of physical strength, body pain, loss of memory and concentration. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally, talking less or less, etc. these are known as major depression disorder, while mood disorder and bipolar disorder is also a type of depression.

The causes of these two diseases are lack of Neurotransmitters Serotonin, Dopamine and Epinephrine presence in brain. If a person has these symptoms, they should contact a psychiatrist immediately so that a timely diagnosis can be made.

Another aspect that needs urgent attention is that if we or any of our loved ones is suffering from this disease then we refuse to accept this fact.

However, this attitude becomes the biggest obstacle to treatment. So, it is better for mental health to turns denial state of mind into a confession.

Hence, we have to accept that this age is subject to speed and distraction, which is inevitably causing many mental disorders. People with strong nerves at the same time can also suffer from mental disorders.

It is necessary to be attracted to religion along with treatment. That is the relationship with the Lord, where satisfaction in life becomes the source of the heart, which is the solution to the mental disorders of the righteous companionship. It can also bridge the communication gap.

Behind the scenes comes the fact that today’s man feels lonely even in crowds. Even in this fast-paced world, man suffers from mental disorders. And he will get rid of this mental disorder only, when the routine of life is maintained in balance.

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