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Ali Salman Anchan promotes Pakistan’s Truck Art in Sri Lanka


Ali Salman Anchan, the founder of Phool Patti team undertook an exciting venture of promoting Pakistan’s indigenous Truck Art in Sri Lanka.

The project was arranged in collaboration with the Pakistan High Commission in Colombo to promote Pakistan’s heritage globally.

Phool Patti painted a wall of size 40×8 that highlights the cultural heritage of both Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The primary aim of painting the wall is to acquaint and familiarize the Sri Lankan community with the rich Buddhist heritage in Pakistan.

The wall has been divided into two sections. The part of the wall dedicated to showcasing Sri Lankan heritage has been adorned with the Lord Buddha stupa discovered in Taxila and Mohen-jo-Daro- an important region during the Indus Valley Civilization. Also, the Sri Lankan side displays its cultural heritage like the national flower Lotus, an important landmark of Independence Memorial Hall, and its national animal, the Chicken.

The Pakistani side of the wall showcases Pakistan’s historic and cultural heritage like Faisal Mosque, Taxila city, the country’s national flower Jasmine and the national bird, Chakoor. The center of the wall has been painted with Pakistani and Sri Lankan flags.

Pakistan High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, Major General (R) Umar Farooq Burki, and Deputy High Commissioner of in Colombo Mr. Tanvir A Bhatti made special efforts to promote Pakistan’s cultural and soft image globally.

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