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FIR against SHO SIU and others over alleged kidnapping for ransom


The District and Session Judge Central issued the summons to SHO Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Saddar (Old CIA Centre) and other police officials against separate constitutional Applications filed by released detainees through their counsels Tehseen Manzoor Rajput Advocate, Jamshed Ali Khowaja Advocate and Barrister S.Jaffer Abbas Jafri for registering First Information Report (FIR).

According to contents of petitions complaints a well-known Pakistani sports man and international athlete Hussain Ahmed along with his friends Huteeb Sultan, Hasan Yousuf, Syed Nazim Ali, Abdul Wahab and others were sitting at New Hassan Zai Restaurant near Metric Board Office, Nazimabad during the mid-night of 08th and 09th January 2022, the Applicant was sitting at New Hassan Zai Restaurant/ Hotel, near Metric Board Office, Nazimabad and discussing about the tips of sports’ events and occupational techniques each other, suddenly about 5/6 cops and 4/5 civil armed persons wearing plain clothes riding in a police mobile and 2 bikes respectively invaded at hotel and taken all of us into custody forcibly on gunpoint and shifted to SIU (Old CIA Centre) Saddar Karachi with blindfolded condition.

Petitions further reveal that the said SIU team members started beating, abusing, threatening and abusing us and in a very short period of time they separated all of detainees, pushed and locked in different detention rooms.

At when the Applicant asked with a cop that why you arrested us, what is our crime then another cop called the name of Applicant and said, “don’t shout, don’t speak loudly and don’t be smart otherwise you would be lost your tongue and he slashed me repeatedly and later on the SHO SIU Shabbir Awan arrived along with Naeem Nizar, (Deputy In-charge SIU), Sub-Inspector Ismail, Focal Person Junaid Riaz, Naeem Nizar and other cops clearly told Petitioners that they have booked them against an ‘Entry of 54’ and you all may be released if you pay ransom and neither you may complaint to anyone against us nor none of one can take any legal action against us because we always take any action as per the directions of Additional IGP Ghulam Nabi Memon as we have been obeying Umer Shahid’s directions in past.

SIU’s Shabbir released Hussain Ahmed on condition that he will arrange negotiated amount of Rs.36 lac within a specific time and will hand over the said amount to him otherwise after the expiry of ultimatum he along with all detainees will either be murdered in any fake police encounter or booked in different crimes.

Hussain contacted to his friend Fareed Gul, discussed all details secretly and later they arranged the said amount and handed over to Shabbir, where Ismail, Mujahid and many others were present while Rauf, Junaid, Naeem Nizar and a famous beater become the witnesses of handing and taking over process.


After the payment of above amount, all detainees were released with strict threatening, advises, orders and instructions while the SIU also charged Rs.6 lac more money for release of detainees’ mobile phones and other valuables including business papers with signatures on plain, written papers and stamp papers with thumb impressions.

The concerned courts have issued summons to kidnapper Shabbir Awan, Ismail, Mujahid and all involved culprits against separate Petition Numbers 586/2022, 587/2022, 863/2022, 916 and 1109.

The petitions also revealed that it has become the routine of SIU that they kidnapped anyone against any so-called Entry of 54, harassed, tortured, beaten and demanded heavy ransom and released after target like SIU did in Kamil Zaib’s case last month.

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