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PIH Youth Hockey Development and Training Program organized for Orphans


This unique work of its kind will prove to be very important for the future of Pakistan Hockey. Shahid Islam, Deputy Director General, Pakistan Sports Board shared these views while addressing an inaugural event of PIH youth Hockey Development and Training Program for Orphan which organized by the collaboration of Athlete School of Fitness.

He added that, Through this program, these children will not only become good players but also in eradicating intolerance in the society, It will be helpful and will spread the fragrance of tolerance, forbearance and tolerance in our society.

He said, The Pakistan Sports Board will have the full support of Pakistan Institute of Hockey and Athletic School of Fitness in this regard.
Well-known athletic coach and physical trainer Muhammad Talib said That physical fitness is the base of sports and the utility of fitness in this program will make it a success, We have kept our doors open for all regarding free fitness.

Later he gave a very brainstorming lecture on the importance of physical fitness and explained how the human body can be used for sports. How to soften the muscles. What is the need and importance of warm up. How emotions are created in me.

They formed three teams and conducted competitions among themselves in which practical demonstrations of their lectures were also conducted and different types of drills were also taught.

Professor Rao Javed Iqbal, Founder and Honorary Secretary General of Pakistan Institute of Hockey, said, We have always deviated from the tradition and adopted a new and unique style of service.

We will continue to play our role in the revival and promotion of the national game of hockey by staying away from indiscriminate political machinations.

Our program has not only provided good players to the country It will also give a balanced citizen to the society, These children have more passion for learning and progress than children of other classes.

On this occasion, Karachi Hockey Association Chairman Gul Faraz Ahmad Khan, Pakistan Institute of Hockey Chairman Rana Mushtaq Ahmed, President Zahid Shahab, Joint Secretary Syed Imtiaz ul Hassan, Editor of Quarterly Hockey Journal Karachi Wajid Raza Ispahani, PIH Academy Karachi Dr. Samar, Director of Aghosh Masood Ahmed Usmani, Zahid Latif, Zahid Ali Rajput, Mohammad Tayyab , Tanveer Ahmed, Kamal Qadri of Shed Foundation, Mubeen Ashraf Hashmi, Lion of Mustafa My Home Khan, Javed Hashmi, Umar Abbasi, Saleh Abbasi and others were also present.

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