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Business procurement is simplified now with



Dylever Pvt Ltd, launched its online b2b platform namely “” on Monday, March 28, 2022. is developed specially to serve as the go to marketplace for business procurement professionals.

Its main purpose is the supply of products and services that are essential for the day to day running of any business, whether small or large.

The platform also caters to companies that need to raise “Request for Quotation” for their procurement needs.

Dylever has products from verified vendors in all major categories, like electronics, appliances, furniture, stationary, office grocery items, software and services.

The marketplace offers benefits to business buyers like business-only-prices that are highly market competitive, bulk order discounts, various payment methods including purchase orders.

Dylever also offers analytics and complete transparency of all spendings as well as scheduling of recurrent purchases.

The founder and owner of Dylever, Mr. Reza Samad, revealed that Dylever evolved from a simple idea of simplifying the business procurement method.

This idea took shape into Dylever after a year of vigorous market research and development work that explored the requirement of this unserved niche of the B2B sector.

The year also included the onboarding of verified vendors on the Dylever platform. Mr. Samad talked about the partnership of vendors that have become the highlight of Dylever journey.

Dylever claims to be ready to serve business customers.

Currently they are catering to the procurement needs of the businesses in Karachi only, but soon they have plans to launch to other major cities of Pakistan.

Dylever is setting its sights to be a global b2b marketplace for businesses in the coming future.

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