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Alleged Embezzlement & Illegal Appointment of Deputy Director in DMC East Local Tax and Recovery Department

A local Council officer namely Abdul Rasheed Buriro (Assistant BPS-16) posted as a Deputy Director Taxes in DMC East Local Tax and Recovery Department by allegedly violating the order of Top Court and Secretary Local Government Sindh.
Sources confirmed that the said officer has given free hand by the department despite of Sindh Local Government Department order for his removal from BPS-17, 18 post.
Moreover on the anonymity of name an officer of DMC East informed that the said Deputy Director Taxes is reportedly involve in corrupt practices which caused millions of rupees loss to the national exchequer.

Moreover, Daily City News got information that the said officer is using reportedly private workforce to perform the official affairs of District Municipal Corporation East which is causing a loss of millions of rupees to DMC East exchequer as the private workforce is allegedly involve in collecting bribe of local Taxes (Trade Licence, Generator) , the alleged illegal & private workforce includes Farooq Soomro (who introduce himself as employee of DMC Malir), Abdul Rasheed (Relative of Mr. Buriro), Faizan, Abdul Ghaffar Gopang, Basheer, Waleed, Haseeb and Abdul Raheem Sario.

It was learned that Mutahida Workers Front DMC East office bearers asked Administrator DMC East in an application for the removal of Abdul Rasheed Buriro and urged for compliance on Top Court, Secretary Local Government Sindh orders.

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