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Transgender Community and their Life in Pakistan

By: Pawan Kumar



Islam is National religion of Pakistan, and everyone should be treated equally that is what, it teaches us. It is our responsibility to treat everyone in a fair and just manner. Unfortunately, Tran’s genders have not been treated and facing lots of problems within the country and also being deprived by all kind of facilities, the way they deserve.

The discrimination is being done for ages; even today Tran’s genders live awful life not only in Pakistan but in most parts of the world.

Who are Transgender? Where do they come from? Do these questions arise in our minds? Yes! So, the answer to these questions is, they are “Humans” whose gender identity is different from the sex given by God at the time of birth.

Despite several laws, Trans people live life of unrest, because these laws are limited to the papers, and are not practiced due to which such issues prevail.

We notice Trans on our daily routine, wandering on roads begging for money, due to unemployment, lack of education and job opportunities for them. Indeed, there are educated Trans genders, who are being exploited. Therefore, Tran’s community is facing variety of disgusting issues, and the most notable issues are:

• No legal protection rights.

• Disowned by parents

• Life of poverty

• Discrimination

• Stereotypical beliefs

• Harassment

• Lack of Healthcare facilities

In Pakistan, Tran’s people are commonly known as Khawaja Sira, and it is among 12 countries in the world that recognizes the transgender identity on national ID cards.

Pakistan has also promised to provide ID cards to Trans people, but no such cards have been issued. Apart from this, Trans people also suffer from different levels of discrimination, and according to the statistics of last few years, violence rate has been increased over trans people, and primarily they are being subjected to prostitution mostly in Punjab.

Secondly, many of them are disowned by their parents due to that reason; they became used to the wrong means of earning money in order to acquire food and shelter.

In Pakistan, people believe that large population of Trans genders entice men and spread vulgarity which is forbidden (Haram) in Islam.

As a result, clerics dislike trans people as if they are from another planet on the other side, few people are afraid of transgender due to a superstitious belief that they can curse people bad luck.

People often believe that most of Trans genders are not real, and they have made begging as their profession. Many Trans genders want to work in reputed organizations but due to lack of opportunities for them, they are forced to work as street dancers and prostitutes by their Patriarchal head of the transgender community.

As a result of forced prostitution, severe health issues are faced by Trans genders as they inject birth control injections which causes breast enlargement, and etc. Similarly, some Trans genders decides to perform appendectomy surgery, and any kind of miscarriage cause them several health issues, sometimes leading them to death.

Although life isnot easy for transgender, yet few of them luckily survived to prove their ability, and overcame misjudged gender barriers. One of them is Maria Malik; the first transgender anchor, who worked hard to break taboos and finally, got acceptance from society. She also got a chance to work as a news presenter at Kohinoor TV. Junaid Ansari the owner of Kohinoor said: “the channel selected Mariaon merit and it had nothing to do with her gender”. Maria, during her interview said,“ The response has been overwhelming, because I was expecting a normal reaction but the feedback I am getting from Pakistani people and viewers around the world is extraordinary”.

In the same manner, Sara Gill is currently trending on social media, who become the first transgender doctor and has been offered a house job.

Today, many transgender activists are working for the rights of Trans genders in Pakistan and the first-ever transgender school was also opened in the history of Pakistan.

Now, in the 21st-century, trans people are fighting for their rights including protection, education, health, and for national ID cards, so that they become part of a nation which will not only give them identity but the right to vote, study, and get paid for respectable jobs.

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