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Commissioner directs DC’s for arrangements on Shab-e-Barat


Commissioner Karachi Muhammad Iqbal Memon has on Sunday directed Deputy Commissioners to complete the arrangements for Shab-e-Barat in seven districts of the city.

He further directed to finalize the arrangements in consultation with all the stakeholders and special security plan should be devised for the city’s mosques, imambargahs, other places of worship and cemeteries on the eve of Shab-e-Barat in collaboration with the police and other law enforcement agencies.

He added that security personnel should be deployed at the entrances and exits of cemeteries so that citizens can offer Fateha on the graves of their loved ones without fear.

The Commissioner also directed to mobilize DMCs to make special arrangements for cleanliness and lighting especially in cemeteries.
Commissioner Karachi has directed the Deputy Commissioners to supervise all the arrangements themselves.

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