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NARI Foundation marks World Energy Efficiency Day

Energy demand is increasing day by day owing to increase in the population and economic growth in the country. 
Pakistan’s energy producing capacity is sufficient but owing to the line losses, system deficiencies and low rates of return in billing, 50 million people have no accesses or low accesses to energy at off grid and weak grid areas which has posed several challenges to the energy security of Pakistan. Relying on cheap and clean energy sources of wind and solar PV will be an efficient and cost effective solution in given circumstances.
 These remarks were made by the participants of Green walk, marked the world energy efficiency day by NARI Foundation Sukkur, a member of GROW Green Network at District Sukkur.
While talking to the Green walk participants, Mr. Anwar Mahar, Executive Director of National Advocacy for Rights of Innocent-NARI  Foundation urged that” Pakistan is ranked on 5th most vulnerable country to climate change by German watch owing to climate induced calamities which  will affect Pakistan in future.
The most significant impacts of climate change will be on the agriculture sector as unavailability of water for cropping will affect the yield productivity which can increase food insecurity issues.
The only solution to this situation is to respond by taking adaptation and mitigation measures by the government, private sector and communities. Mr. Anwar said “shifting from fossil fuel based energy solutions to clean sources of wind and solar will decrease the climate vulnerability of Pakistan and make the country self-sufficient and resilient”.
Ms.Shazia Abbasi social activist called upon to the private sector, Renewable energy developer and financiers including domestic banks, IFIs and corporations to shift funding from fossil fuel to clean energy sources to meet the Nationally determined contributions (NDCs), ARE policy 2019 targets including 30% contribution of Renewable energy in overall energy mix of Pakistan which can fulfill the countries commitments to Paris Climate agreement till 2030. 
Ms.Azra Jamal & Sattar Zangejo environmental activists and climate change expert while talking to the participants of Green walk emphasized that Green Banking guideline is a timely initiative of the state bank of Pakistan which is providing guidance to local banks to measure the environmental and social risks before providing lending for projects. State Bank of Pakistan is also providing lending to SMEs and RE developers under “SBP financing scheme for renewable energy” but lack of information and obtainability of one window operation, very limited MSEs and users have accessed the scheme.
Ms.Azra Jamal  demanded to increase the compliance of green banking guidelines by domestic banks and the SBP financing scheme for renewable energy made available and accessible for the most vulnerable.
The participants of Green walk demanded from the Federal Government that General Sales Tax on solar PV and Electric Vehicles should be withdrawn immediately to achieve the National Targets of ARE policy -2019, Nationally Determined Contribution (NDCs) 2021 and Paris Climate Agreement. Participants also started a plantation move for one week in the district to contribute the efforts of the federal government regarding Clean and Green Pakistan: to protect existing forest & plant 10 Billion Tsunami target.

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