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Sindh Students Council demands provision of hostels


On Tuesday morning a group of students representing the Sindh Students Council (SSC) began a 100-hour hunger strike, to be concluded on March 4th, outside the Karachi Press Club (KPC) demanding provisions of restoration hostels at educational institutions, taking back administrative authorities from teachers to check out the answer copies of students as well as cancellation of admissions on bogus domiciles in Sindh. 

The SSC is led by Parvez Bozdar, a Mphil scholar of University of Sindh, who is also Chief Organizer of Sindh Students Council, and Asif Bhurt, a medical student.

The students have setup their camp with different posters and banners, keeping some literary books along with them to generate attention of media persons.

Talking to PPI, Bozdar said, “It’s a 100-hour hunger strike to commemorate March 4, 1967, known as the day of Sindh’s students’ struggle. He said our basic demands are the removal of security forces from the institutions, check on fake students’ domiciles in Sindh and provision of hostels and taking back administrative authorities from teachers to check out the answer copies of students which leading to harassment in educational institutions.

Bozdar said that SSC has also going to take out rallies in different cities in reference with 4th March but it’s central protest is being undertaken in Karachi.

Bozdar, who is studying Mphil in Physics at University of Sindh, said some 15 to 20 of his fellow students were taking part in the token hunger strike outside the KPC

Bozdar said that all student associations had expressed their support for their act of demonstration by coming to the club to meet with them.

Asif Bhurt said government was not paying attention towards the genuine problems of students as well as their fundamental rights are not provided to them.

He stressed the need of removal of forces from hostels and provision of transportation in universities of metropolitan city.

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