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While covid-19 increased global insecurity in almost every country especially in the developing and underdeveloped regions by reducing incomes and disrupting food supply chains, an intention to not let any individual feel deprived of food is what made Khana Ghar stand out for our project. Parveen Saeed – (founder Khana Ghar) doesn’t consider color, caste, gender, or creed but rather believes in serving humanity. Her story is directly linked to lessening violence and extremism in the society, and she wants to promote that peace is a step towards building a better society.
Khana Ghar – a food stall built in a hut is in Khuda ki Basti, Taiser Town. A charity organization started its operation 18 years back in 2002 when Perveen Saeed (founder Khana Ghar) discovered the story of how a mother killed her children and gave up on her life because of extreme poverty where she had not a single penny to feed them. The stall provides food to daily wage laborers and their families and provides a complete meal (roti and salan) to anyone at the cost of only 3 rupees. Moreover, her motivation for providing food is to reduce violence and crime so that no one will reach the point of such desperation that they have to take the path of extremism and violence for food.
 Perveen Saeed began Khana Ghar out of her own home and, after two decades of providing subsidized food. “I realized back then that poverty was one of the root causes of social problems in the city. The very poor can’t even afford two square meals a day,” said Saeed.
“Today we are serving more than 3,500 people each day, but it started with 4 to 5 people. It’s true that 3 rupees can never repay the cost of food but it’s a matter of hunger, dignity, honor, and respect. We wish to serve people while letting them live a life of dignity and respect. It is the central idea that made us stand stronger.” Director Khana Ghar briefed
Perveen Saeed said that every crime starts due to hunger and my aim is to create a hunger-free Pakistan if there will not be hunger so we can have a crime-free and peaceful Pakistan. Saeed said that she does not actively look for donations and neither does she seek publicity for her venture. Instead, funding for Khana Ghar pours in from friends, family, and private donors and people who wish to help are constantly contacting her. Khana Ghar feeds an influx of people each day and the cost may range up to 4,000 rupees on daily basis. In addition, she is famous as ‘the three-rupee lady’. Perveen Saeed aims to let everyone have access to food while maintaining their dignity. Everyone who is fed with food feels content for purchasing it rather than being provided with free food.
Besides running Khana Ghar, Saeed also assists people who cannot afford school books, uniforms, and even cloth for funeral shrouds. She also helps deserving families who want to marry their daughters with wedding expenses. Saeed wants to expand Khana Ghar to all parts of the country and desires to see that day soon when no one will sleep hungry. The humble lady is reluctant to admit that she has done anything worthy of praise and recognition. However, recently, she was honored by the Pride of Pakistan Award for her meritorious service.
Pakistan, with a growing poverty and illiteracy rate, has a few people serving humanity and dedicating their lives for the cause, working tirelessly day and night for it. The one who accepts the odds in our society and wishes to work on overcoming that. Perveen Saeed is an example of such a personality who despite having lots of challenges runs Khana Ghar to stop people from committing crimes and doing her utmost to establish a peaceful society.

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