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Anti quackery committee actions in district central are illegal, says Nasir Ali Khan

The health mafia is pursuing a plan to spread chaos and we will not allow the problems to escalate said, Nasir Ali Khan president of peoples paramedical staff association district central after meeting the delegation.



Despite the existence of the Sindh Healthcare Commission, the activities of the Anti Quackery committee in the central district are unconstitutional said, Asadullah Bhatti.

The District Health Office structure is being damaged by the arbitrary actions taken by the district officers said Nasir Ali Khan, President, Paramedical Staff Association, District Central Karachi, while meeting the delegation at various health facilities in the central district.

He said that he is in touch with the leadership of Pakistan People’s Paramedical Staff and as per their instructions we are looking at the current situation in the context of constitutional, legal, and democratic rights and we will not allow the problems to grow, otherwise, the problems will become more complicated

He said that after the formation of the Sindh Healthcare Commission, the constitutional body of the Sindh government, the Healthcare Commission has been taking action against Ataiyat in seven districts of Karachi. It is against the law that the supporters of this committee are fulfilling their specific intentions and interests while neglecting their responsibilities.

He further said that on the other hand, they are so active against Atiyat. What is the matter while Sindh Healthcare Commission is present for this issue? If any action is taken by the district administration in this regard, Sindh Healthcare Commission Does not have a representative or drug inspector which makes their activities suspicious

General Secretary Asadullah Bhatti said that the actions taken by the committee formed by the deputy commissioner of central district in the district health office are questionable. and we are doing our job diligently and honestly and no one should use illegal tactics.

Only the Sindh Healthcare Commission is authorized to carry out these operations. He questioned that What is the nature of their activities as an institution every common man is disturbed by the current problems in the district?  but the deputy commissioner central district doesn’t care about all these issues faced by the people.  We will stand with the decision taken by the Sindh government and will not allow any government official to overstep his authority

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