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BBSUL Studenst, PSF South Rejects Fee Hike


The Peoples Student Federation District South along with students of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Lyari staged a protest outside the University and showed solidarity with BBSUL students against the drastic increase in semester fees and imposition of extra money on buses for students.

The protest was held today in which they condemned the decision taken by the university administration demanding an increase in semester fees. Students chanted slogans against the university administration and said that we will never accept this decision and continue our protest till the withdrawal of heavy fee increase in the semester and transport. A large number of students holding placards took part in the demonstration to convey their voice to the university administration.

On the occasion, Shehbaz Malik, president of the people’s students federation District South, said that doubling fees are very unfair to students. He said that most of the students who are studying in the university from Lyari belong to middle class families and cannot afford heavy fees while this decision has put their future in question.

Similarly, the officials of the people’s students federation Karachi, including Talal Chandio, Akbar Gilgit, Dr. Attaurehman said that we will raise the voice for our fellow students who are currently studying at BBSUL and would convey the problems faced by the students to higher authorities, and if their demands were not accepted, they would protest again in future
Moreover, a large number of students from federal Urdu university Abdul Haq campus, JPMCSM Law College, and representatives of PSF Salman Patni, Waleed Baloch, were present during the protest.

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