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PSP sit-in at Fawara Chowk against Sindh Local Govt Act


Pak Sarzameen Party on
Sunday staged a sit-in at Fawara Chowk against the Local Government Amendment Act, as the Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal categorically informed the movers and shakers of the country that he will not call-off the protest as long as the PPP-led bigoted and corrupt Sindh government does not handover budgetary powers, and devolve management control of civic departments to the local government, in accordance with the Provincial Finance Commission (PFC) formula, and spirit of LG system, being exercised globally.

PPP does not want to create, and empower institutions, but destroy them by desolating and seizing their resources. The PPP cannot fool us. Until our demands are not met, we will remain sit here. “If anyone tries to do adventure, the answer will be in the same language.” he said.

PSP chief was the first amongst protesters who laid sitting sheet at the protest venue. Mustafa Kamal said that the way Pakistan is being run after the 18th amendment has brought Pakistan to a standstill. Administratively and financially, the country was unable to function after the 18th Amendment. The original purpose of the 18th Amendment was not fulfilled.

He said that without the PFC formula, all institutions under the mayor are meaningless.

The PPP is happy to hand over institutions to mayor office but the real catch is their resources which the PPP-led corrupt and bigoted government is not ready to transfer to the elected Mayor. We need resources too. PPP will have to give powers and resources to the people from Karachi to Kashmore. The Sindh government has only kept the institutions for keeping their budget in its hands.

The provinces got powers but did not devolve them to the lower level. Provincial governments have become the worst dictators since the 18th Amendment.

The provinces are not awarding 56% of the money they receive from the federation to the grass root level, the federation has to repay the loans out of remaining 44%, it has to run army as well.

While these are not the problems of the provinces, the chief ministers consider the money received in the NFC award as their private money. Sindh gets 27% out of 56%.

The Chief Minister of Sindh gets Rs.1000 billion every year through NFC, Rs.200 billion it earns from Karachi through taxes. The annual revenue of the Sindh government is Rs. 1200 billion.

The Chief Minister is spending these 1200 billion as per his discretion, and not transferring resources to district level.

We held a sit-in for 18 days on these issues in 2017 and 16 points were presented for an empowered local government, At that time people used to make fun of us on these things, today all the parties in Sindh are talking about what we have been sating for 6 years. The PPP delegation had accepted 70% of our demands a week ago but this is not a matter of our ego, it is a matter of right and wrong.

We will do all the right things for the betterment of the people and Pakistan. PPP delegation came 7 days ago and listened to us but did not agree on key matters.
I can’t make rifts amongst Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi, Seraikis etc,. because of my Muhajirs identity. We are talking about the rights of all, we are all united by our struggle.

They are united because of our truth not of any fear of gun. The Chief Minister of Sindh has been Sindhi for 70 years. When Sindhis and Balochs demand their rights, they say that the federation, the establishment and Punjab are not giving their rights.

We ask the rulers of Sindh how much they gave to the people of Sindh out of the Rs 10 thousand billion rupees they received in last 13 years of their government.

It should give account of this first.
This is also the problem of PPP workers that powers and resources should reach the elected representatives of the streets. If a street representative commits corruption, the people will grab him by the collar.

This will be the hand of police and NAB. PPP wants our children to be enslaved by their generation to come and their children will continue to rule over us.

We do not accept this. I am not talking about Shia Sunni Deobandi Barelvi Sindhi Punjabi or Mohajir but I am talking about every Pakistani. Since the 18th Amendment, the PPP has been keeping Sindh’s money. The Chief Minister is in charge of parks, dispensaries, road repairs, gutter lines and transport.

To date, no common man has been able to approach the Chief Minister. He does not hear the voice of the common man. When the protests against the law of 2013 started, the law of 2021 was introduced. We do not accept the Local Government Act of 2021 and 2013.

He expressed these views while addressing a mammoth public gathering at Fawarah Chowk. President Anis Kaim Khani and other central leaders were also present on the occasion. He said that Allah does not change the condition of a nation which does not want to change its condition itself.

The people of Karachi, on behalf of whole of Pakistan, have said that the situation in Pakistan will change. We are pakistani, its honor and prestige is ours.

Kamal said the sit-in is restricted to Fawarah Chawk since the PSL teams are stationed near the Chief Minister’s House.

We can not tarnish Pakistan’s honor by protesting outside the CM House. Protest sit-in was addressed by President PSP Anis KaimKhani.

PSP’s anthem “We will fix it” was played. The enthusiasm of the people was worth witnessing.

The people warmly welcomed Chairman PSP Syed Mustafa Kamal. Protest sit-in was also addressed by Vice Chairman Ataullah Kurd and Senior Vice Chairman Ashfaq Mangi.

Young people and children are participating in the sit-in wearing shrouds. PSP Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal, Anis Kaim Khani and all members of Central Executive Committee and family members of National Council are also participating in the sit-in at Fawarah Chowk.

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