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Peoples Labour Union CBA DMC East continuously striving for betterment of employees


Peoples Labour Union DMC East with the status of Collective Bargain Agent (CBA) is working for the betterment of department employees from last more than two years, Syed Muhammad Kamran General Secretary of CBA shared these views while speaking with Daily City News.

He stated that Peoples Labour Union CBA by following the vision of its Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari  working as a bridge between officers and employees of District Municipal Corporation (DMC) East.

Sharing the Union Charter of Demand (COD) and its achievements CBA Chairman Faisal Shaikh, General Secretary Syed M. Kamran, Vice Chairman Ashraf Ali, Vice President Owais Ahmed Ali, Deputy Joint Secretary Rizwan Ahmed, Deputy General Secretary Syed Hasan Abbas and Deputy Information Secretary Misum Ali Jafri stated that medical facilities/health cards for employees, payment of dues to the pensioners , Promotion/upgradation of employees were some of the basis demands of union in which some of the issues have been resolved partially by the efforts of CBA.

Describing the Charter of Demand, they added that, the first demand on COD of CBA was Medical Reimbursement cases which were pending from 2016 to 2019 should have to be paid and for that department should bound Chief Medical Officer DMC East.

Further, The other demands of CBA was , Late sitting policy should have to be continued, Hall Policy should be announced, Those employees whose dues are pending on DMC East and KMC should be paid, Department should do scrutiny of contract employees and maintain transparency in the whole process of contractual employees, Transparency should be maintain in hiring of security guards for Gulshan and Jamshed Zone.

Moreover The said demands were also included in Union COD which includes, Promotion/Upgradation of educated and hardworking employees are pension from last 30 years they should be promoted on merit basis , House building and other loans which were given in past should be restore, Uniform allowance should be given to Parks department employees, Incharge Salary pool charge should be given to BPS-14 official in Gulshan and Jamshed zone, Marriage loan and House renovation loan of 2 lac should be given to every employee, Meeting of CBA under the chair of Municipal Commissioner DMC East should be to discuss about the resolution of employees issues, Those employees of Grade 2 and 5 who have given charge of 11 Grade should be taken back and give it to the BPS 11 Official.

In addition CBA Office bearers also demanded for the reinstatement of Tax and Recovery department employees in their parent department , Dual charge should be taken back from every employees and some officers relatives are performing duties in department on contract basis should be fired .

At last CBA Office bearers told that by the efforts of CBA around 200 employees regularized on deceased quota and several cases of pensioners dues have been resolved.

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