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Country needs to move in right direction for its generations; Syed Mustafa Kamal


Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal has said that the sun of January 30 will prove that PSP stands as an iron wall against the tyranny of tyrants and bigoted rulers of Sindh.

In Sindh province, PSP is the biggest obstacle to riots on linguistic grounds otherwise, the manner in which politics was played on the assassination of Bhulu Khanzada, it is clear that the death dealers are waiting for corpses to polish their failed politics.

On one hand, the so-called Muhajir leaders are pushing the Muhajirs towards a dead end, while on the other hand, the so-called Sindhi nationalist leaders are pushing Sindhis toward death.

The feeling of deprivation is very high in the country, especially in Sindh. The enemy wants to destroy the peace of the country through the fault lines of our creed, language and political affiliation.

The present rulers are working to add fuel to the fire with their biased decisions. If young people today are forced to commit suicide, and if they are forced to take up arms and decide to kill the oppressors before they die, the situation will not be under anyone’s control.

That is why the people need to be given the right to rule. The ruler must abandon prejudice. The country needs to move in the right direction for its generations, PSP is fighting for this.

We risked our lives for the benefit of the nation and formed PSP. Had we not parted ways with the party, there would have been personal perks and privileges but nothing good for the nation.

Legal action must be taken against the oppressors beyond sect, language or political affiliation and justice must be provided to the oppressed regardless of language, sect or political affiliation.

Only then can Pakistan move forward, otherwise it will decline economically and socially. The business community has a very important role to play. Even after paying billions in taxes, there are no facilities. He asked the people to make a practical effort to bring the right people to power. Creating an NGO and running one or two schools or hospitals will not solve the problem.

He expressed these views while addressing a dinner hosted by Pak Sarzameen Business Forum in honor of the representatives of Karachi business community at Pakistan House.

On this occasion party president Anis Kaim Khani, members of Central Executive Committee and National Council while on behalf of business community Chairman Tajir Ittehad Karachi Atiq Mir, Chairman Sindh Tajir Ittehad Jamil Ahmed Paracha, Chairman Karachi Sindh Tajir Ittehad Sheikh Habib, Muhammad Abdullah Batra President Orangi Traders Association, Asif Gulfam, Hakeem Shah, Muhammad Aslam Bhatti and other notable business leaders of the city were present.

Speaking on the occasion, President Business Forum Qamar Akhtar Naqvi said that PSP is the voice of the traders of Pakistan’s economic lifeline, the solution to the problems of traders is not with any other political party, except PSP.

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