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PPP wants to takeover civic institutions ;Tahir Malik PTI leader


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) central leader Tahir Malik has said that Sindh government is showing stubbornness in the matter of local body law and Due to the incompetence and stubbornness of the Sindh government, the situation in Sindh is getting worst. 

All the opposition parties are protesting against the black law of local bodies at present but it does not reach the ears of the ministers of Sindh government. He expressed these views while talking to a delegation of party workers who had come to his office.

Tahir Malik further said that PTI’s struggle against the black law of local bodies was not going to stop.

The PTI has announced a Karachi March from Ghotki on February 27 in which the entire leadership and workers will fully participate.

If the Sindh government does not withdraw the Local Government Act, then this black law will drown the Sindh government.

He further said that at present all the parties of Sindh were protesting against this law but now it was time to come together on one platform to protest against this outdated system of Sindh government and black law. Under the black law of local government, it will not be possible to take over the institutions.

PTI has always stood up for the rights of the people of Sindh. The PPP wants to take over the civic institutions and make them a hotbed of corruption like the provincial departments. PPP’s dream of taking over institutions will never be fulfilled by PTI, he added. 

Moreover PTI leader shared that  PTI will prove to be a plywood wall in front of the Sindh government for the rights of the people.

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