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MQM plotting to stir ethnic violence in Sindh; Saeed Ghani



Sindh Information and Labour Minister, Saeed Ghani, has said that there were no political motives behind the recent killing in Tando Allahyar as the tragedy has been unduly used by certain groups to stir ethnic clash in the province.

Speaking at a press conference here on Sunday, the Sindh Information Minister said that the recent tragedy in Tando Allahyar occurred due to enmity between two groups as the Muttahida Quami Movement had been attempting to stir ethnic clash in the province on the basis of this incident.

He said that MQM had always practised politics to promote ethnic divide in the province as the same had become the objective of Jamaat-e-Islami’s politics.

He said that MQM had been made part of the then PPP-led coalition government in 2008 only to maintain peace in Karachi.

He said the recent controversial statement of the leader of Mohajir Quami Movement, Afaq Ahmed, about the Pakhtun community and the attempt made to foment communal violence in Tando Allahyar, seemed to him parts of a greater conspiracy to once again cause ethnic conflict in Sindh.

He said that a conspiracy had been set into motion to create the situation of ethnic violence after the recent tragedy in Tando Allahyar.
He said that the latest conspiracy had confirmed his assertion that MQM had been plotting to stir ethnic violence in Sindh just for its own political gains.

He said the latest killing in Tando Allahyar had occurred because of enmity between two families as there were no political motives behind the murder.

He conceded the fact that both the alleged killer and the deceased person belonged to two different political parties but there were no political motives behind the murder.

He said the police had immediately arrested the alleged killer after the incident as the FIR included the names of the accused persons nominated by the bereaved family members.

He said that a group in Tando Allahyar had resorted to rioting as a police picket and motor vehicles present on the scene were set on fire after the burial of the deceased.

He told media persons that rioters had taken away with them some computers and motorcycles as the police had lodged a case against the miscreants. He said that certain women of the area had got in the way as police conducted raids to arrest the rioters.

The Sindh Information Minister condemned high-handedness on the part of the police as women of the town had been subjected to baton-charge and manhandling.

He said the Sindh Chief Minister and Inspector General of Sindh Police had immediately taken cognisance of the incident as both the authorities had ordered action against the police personnel who were guilty of the misconduct against women of the town.

He said that although there were no political motives behind the killing in Tando Allahyar but a group had unduly made an attempt to make the Sindh government a party to this dispute.

He said that Pakistan People’s Party was the only federal political entity in the country, which always served the masses beyond any ethnic, sectarian, and communal considerations.

Also on the occasion, a large number of activists and office-bearers of All Pakistan Muttahida Students’ Organisation and student bodies of other political parties announced their joining the PPP.

Saeed Ghani said that the latest inclusion in the party served as an indicator that the People’s Party’s popularity among the Urdu speaking community in Sindh had been growing while it also showed that PPP didn’t just represent the Sindhi speaking people.

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