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Karachi becomes time bomb due to encroachments; Alamgir Khan


In seven days, if my five demands are not acted upon, I will gather these affected families outside the Chief Minister’s House and let them sit, Alamgir Khan Member of National Assembly and Founder of Fixit.

I’ve been a victim of these issues, just like the people of Karachi. He said that I have only five demands on which it is very important for the Sindh government to work.

He said that there was a rain gutter under the Huajo Building Site Limited, built by the government in 1962 in Sher Shah, and there was sewage drainage and industrial waste flowing in this gutter, and the drains were not cleaned at all.

The Upper House has come up with its own demands, not to do any kind of politics or talk politics,If I had to do politics, I would bring the people of my constituency here and I would bring them along and gather them outside the Chief Minister’s House and we would hold a political demonstration here, but I have come here alone with my demand, and as an ordinary citizen, I have written down my problems, he added.

Moreover he shared  In the Sher Shah incident, 17 to 18 families were affected, and 17 to 18 people were martyred,After this, an explosion took place in the drain of Mahmoodabad, and after that, another explosion took place in the drain near the affected place in Sher Shah.

The series of blasts inside the drains in Shershah and other areas has been going on for a long time, but no action has been taken by the administration.

He asked Sindh Government that, I have only five demands from the Sindh government because they have all the institutions connected to the drain and this is their responsibility. If all these institutions were the responsibility of someone else, I would talk to them. My first demand is in Karachi, All existing drains should be cleaned at the same time.

The second demand is to remove the encroachments on the rainwater drains in Karachi. There are some big drains from the British era that are drained into the sea, and there are 41 small drains connected to the drains. The accident took place on a building of two hundred and fifty meters, but this canal is a canal of more than six thousand feet on which factories, encroachments, and a large number of people are still established. They should be removed. Only rainwater can be used for drainage. Here in this city, power lines, gas lines, sewerage lines, and drinking water lines have been laid in the rain gutters, he said.

He asked that, All this is a threat to human life, but this city is taking the form of a bomb, and more than half of the civilians live here on the bomb. That time bomb can explode at any time. There is no guarantee of anyone’s life. If the drinking water line was broken, people would drink dirty sewage water and their health would deteriorate. Somewhere in the sewerage system, there is no sanitation. Gases would freeze there and the place would explode. The fourth demand is that the factories located in the industrial area be an institution of the Sindh government called “SEPA.” They should have drainage treatment plants in their own factories.

Dangerous human-lethal chemicals from their factories could be dumped into rainwater drainage systems into sewage lines and could be a danger to anyone. And in 2007, it was rehabilitated sewage treatment plants through which all sewage water was treated, treated and discharged into drains and then drained into the sea to be rehabilitated. I have come to convey the message that if these demands of mine are not complied with in 7 days, then I will sit outside the Sindh Chief Minister’s House and protest. I will bring all the affected families here, he stated.

Alamgir Khan shared that until our demands are met, we will continue our sit-in here. I am talking about human rights. This is our constitutional, legal, and democratic right. This is not an election campaign. I am not here because of what happened to me. He should not be with anyone else, and I have been working on the same issues for the last five years. This is an ultimatum from me to the 7th day of the government of Sindh which must be acted upon, otherwise I will sit as a citizen. I have the right.

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